Nocturne Zero

Black Z Studios is presenting its first independent project, “Nocturne Zero”, the first one of a series of games that aspires to become a new reference in fighting videogames. Created, developed and animated completely in 2D makes enthusiastic and fans of 2D fighting games meet a new game style where all those well-known features from RPGs games such as skills, magic, elements and some weapons, are combined to the fight which adds an important strategic part during the combat besides improving character´s features.

Action packed, meeting story related characters, finding out everyone’s all possible fighting skills and, above all, fighting, in a universe where dominating light´s power brings the most powerful source of strength. All mentioned before makes this project a dream comes true with your help and our endeavor, hope and hard work.

“Nocturne Zero” is a 2D fighting game which has taken note of great famous titles with gaming styles such as “Street Fighter” and “Guilty Gear”. Furthermore, Black Z Studios is a big fan of a classic RPG, “Xenogears”. Being these titles a solid reference for us in some of their aspects, we are making our project, a game which combines the style we desire and, as far as we are concerned, the best features of 2D fighting games and RPG fights.

Through a global world map where the story will be developed, Titan, you should go forward with every main character. Fighting will be the unique way for reaching your goals.

Main characters must acquire their combat skills in accordance of the fighting level that they reach. Thus, you will discover the more levels you achieve, the more skills, attacks, etc, you get.

During a combat, a kind of transformation state exits called “focus state”. There are five different levels with five different difficulty to get each one. You will need a minimum power for getting a “focus state” level.

In “focus state”, you will be able to use the power that conceals every main characters: “light´s power”. Besides this magic power, every main character has special skills such as: increasing hit attack, get maximum defense, healing part of health points, making rival defenseless, and many more. However, you have to take care when using these special skills. Before starting the fight, you should choose which skill will be available during focus state and which light´s power (if you have gotten more than one (please, keep reading until story for learning more about this).

Moreover, you have to add another point to your strategic combat. You are allowed to use your light´s power whenever you want until you run out of magic points, but special skills are only available for use one time during a fight. Select your skills, your light´s power, and prepare a strategy for your opponent.

Are you ready?

Long time ago, some beings from all around the universe, discovered by themselves that they were able to control a mysterious kind of power and extraordinary energy that will turn into the biggest source of power: “light´s power”. The ability of controlling them is lent, darkly, to one of those beings that, once aware of it, will become the guardians of these light´s powers until the end of their lives.

There are 12 different light´s power, from different areas and each one belongs to its guardian:

  • Gothiac´s Light

    Powered by red light waves, represents the Gothiac´s source power.

  • Lambert´s Light

    Powered by turquoise light waves, represents the Lambert´s source power.

  • Amperier´s Light

    Powered by yellow light waves, represents the Amperier´s source power.

  • ...

The only way to use this source of power is being transformed into a mental state that requires lots of time to achieve that and its own level refers to its maximum power: “the focus state”.

Inasmuch as there are 12 kinds of light´s powers, there are 12 guardians, and everyone is able, either for good or for evil depending on your own purposes, to use it.

Being aware of that, some beings realized with success that they could control more than one light´s power as long as they take down the corresponding guardian. This has resulted in the desire of owing all light´s power even if they have to defeat the rest of guardians.

The goal is to control “Nocturne´s Light”, governed by his guardian, “Dr. Obscure”, the first being who discovered and was be able to control this king of powers. Now, “Dr. Obscure” lives in the Saturn´s moon, “Titan”.

The 12 known guardians of lights have moved to Titan for achieving “Nocturne´s Light” and change the Universe´s fate.

Join up to every main character story and try to get all light´s powers. Only the fight will be your friend.

Character design is being created. At present, we don’t have enough funds for designing all the main characters from “Nocturne Zero”. An important part of the budget will be bound to graphical design, illustration, sprite design, and all that’s related with this.

These are some of the characters we have created at this time.

(Artist: Alberto Moldes)
  • Birok

    Birok is the guardian of “Lambert´s Light”.



  • Mayriah

    Mayriah is the guargian of “Gothiac´s Light”.



  • Nyan Claw

    Nyan Claw is the guardian of “Amperier´s Light”.



  • Backgrounds and scenes design is being created too. As for characters, we don’t have enough funds for designing all the backgrounds from “Nocturne Zero”. An important part of the budget will be bound to graphical design, illustration, sprite design, and all that’s related with this.

    This is a background we have created at this time.

    (Artist: Alberto Moldes)
  • Birok Stage
  • Black Z Studios is composing the original soundtrack of this game. From violin and piano tracks used in story, to guitar with strong break rhythms.

    You can listen a collection of sample tracks from this game at Soundcloud:

    (Composer: Diego Torres)

    “Nocturne Zero” will be released for PlayStation®4

    It is made with Unity® and powered by Live2D®

    We are using Kickstarter at this time. We need funds for the project and crowdfunding is the best way to achive it.

    This is the detailed budget: